Wilderness Skills

  Flash Flood!!!
On any typical sweltering summer day in the desert southwest, Flood safety is the last thing on most minds. Your dry throat, the searing sun and heat attest to the regions bone-dry reputation. Yet each summer brings an unexpected risk, Flash Flooding.
  Layer-UP and Live: V.I.P. Clothing Layering System
Statistically speaking, your first line of defense against the elements is to regulate your core body temp. (98.6°). The simplest means of addressing this is through your choice of clothing. Clothing IS shelter at its base level. The concepts which govern an effective clothing system are synonymous with those that govern more complex forms of shelter, our homes and other manmade structures.
Hunter-gatherers, both ancient and modern consider fire as LIFE. Fire allowed early humans to not only cook wild foods and keep potential predators at bay, but to aid in the migration and eventual exploration of the globe. The ability to make fire is the MOST IMPORTANT skill for all outdoorsmen to own.
  Field Expedient Methods Of Killing Intestinal Parasites
In the United States the two primary types of intestinal parasites are helminths and protozoa. Tapeworms, pinworms, and roundworms are among the most common helminths found in our population. 
  Tips For Regulating Your Body Temperature In The Outdoors
If you find yourself overheating you can safely regulate your body temperature by:
  “Avalanche Kills Professional Skier”
The above headline has been on heavy rotation in our local media the last few days. The victim was a professional “extreme sport” athlete, cliff-jump world record holder and Warren Miller film star. He was a seasoned, trained, professional athlete. This fatal accident is a tragic reminder of how potentially dangerous backcountry skiing, and side-country skiing at resorts can be. 



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