"Thank you for being so patient with the children and taking the time to explain things on their levels……I think they would say their favorite part was when you showed them how to make fire with the bow-drill. They were so excited when you took the time to let each of them work at it until they were able to really make a flame and start a fire.
I would recommend "Be Found Alive" to anyone wanting to learn more ways to be safe in the wild and to learn to see and enjoy nature in a deeper way."  Angie J., The Eco Wonder Oven

"I had no idea that nature provided us with so much to survive on. From wild foods to natural medicines, your hands-on approach to teaching was awesome. I found it easier to learn when I actually get out and got dirty doing it ….We only scratched the surface but I'm looking forward to my next teaching moments. I always feel like I’ve walked away full and refreshed."  Anessa  A.,  Sacramento CA

"Very informative and could be of value anywhere in the US!" Jim D., Ohio

"Thank you so much for the entertaining and informative presentation.......we all enjoyed."  Ranee J., Sierra Club, Utah



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