“Body found in Grand Canyon…Snowboarder triggers fatal avalanche…Denver hiker, missing since Saturday…County officials searching for missing Boy Scout...Missing hiker found alive after four days in the forest”
Headlines like these are flashed across the Internet, newspapers and television news almost nightly. With the ever-growing public interest in the outdoors and the maze of modern survival myth, many are unsure WHAT it means to ‘Be prepared to Survive”! Our aim at BeFoundAlive.com is to help YOU, decipher these riddles, develop a well-rounded understanding of survival priorities, backcountry skill development and the necessary GEAR to give YOU....The Survivors EDGE!
Due to exponential growth at BeFoundAlive.com, we will only be offering custom courses in 2019. We should be back in the fall with civilian offerings. Keep posted for updates!
Why BeFoundAlive.com? Specializing in:
Restore a sense of independence Modern Survival Skills/Living
Walk with greater Confidence and Self Esteem Primitive Survival/Living
Learn to "Do more with Less" Backcountry Travel/Guiding
Restore respect and gratitude for our natural world Wilderness Rites of Passage
Discover Long-Lost skills of our ancestors Unique Survival Products
Reduce your footprint on the Earth
Custom Kits & Product Development
Primitive man was, by necessity, self-reliant. Life skills that at one time were common knowledge among all peoples. It is our goal to provide our students with the tools and know-how to learn those lost skills, providing a solid foundation for specialized skills to be built upon whether in the natural world or urban wilderness.
...Survival is Self-Reliance...
In The Wild
Whether you are a backpacker, hunter, snowmobile enthusiast or day hiker, could you survive the unexpected? We will take you from the Modern era to the Stone age with time tested concepts and skills: fire(primitive & modern tech.), “Rule of 3’s” survival priorities, cordage, wild medicinal & edible plants, natural and improvised shelter, VIP clothing system, stone blades, survival knives, feeding yourself on natures bounty, water collection, purification and backcountry travel……etc.

In The Urban Jungle

Different environment, SAME survival priorities. Learn how to prepare and survive with the abundant resources available in our daily lives: 72 & 96 hour “Grab-n-Go” kits, “Copy” canning, “Surviving in Place”, Family emergency planning, Urban Homesteading, "Green" living, Solar cooking, urban edibles, disaster hygiene and sanitation, water treatment options……etc. 



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