Survival 101

  Survival Statistics: Survival Of The Common Sense Challenged
Seems human stupidity and arrogance is big news these days. I routinely come across outdoor gear ads featuring "survival celebs", who have gained notoriety based on their bad choices; being unprepared and breaking cardinal backcountry rules. Survival of the "common sense" challenged??
  Common Causes Of Survival Situations
Many of the most common causes of backcountry survival situations may surprise you. Most victims don’t have the realization of their dangerous predicament until it’s too late. That in turn increases situational stress and prevents an adequate response (e.g. shelter, fire construction….etc.) to the impending problem.
  How Your Survival Kit Could Kill You
From our perspective, survival encompasses a set of skills which preserve the existence of the human body in a wilderness or urban emergency. Simply put, survival skills should focus primarily on the preservation of one’s physiological core body temperature (98.6°F). Deviation from this base core temperature - either warmer or cooler, is the #1 killer of those lost or injured in the outdoors, and is referred to as EXPOSURE.
  Foiled: Be Found Alive....
Prior preparation is your key to overcoming an unexpected emergency. Having an adequate kit and resources on hand (i.e. the ability to make a fire effortlessly and crawl into a shelter within a matter of minutes) is crucial to you making it home alive.
  Survival Kits
According to Search and Rescue statistics, the quickest killer in the outdoors is Exposure. This is the cause of either Hypothermia or Hyperthermia. These conditions arise from rapid weather change, dehydration, extreme heat or cold and exhaustion. The ability to adequately address these conditions in an emergency is vital.
  S.T.O.P & Survive
The obscureovergrown trail you have been following vanishes into the scrub-oak, creating a sense of confusion which quickly overwhelms your senses. Breathless, you stop to catch some air and the realization suddenly hits….WHERE am I? You don't recognize any of the surrounding forest or canyon. The sun is setting and light is becoming scarce. You put your local map away hours ago, telling yourself, you knew this area like the “back of your hand”, but this area seems foreign. You are LOST….
  The Fear Factor: Controling Fear
Fear is THE MOST common emotional response to any sensed stressful or emergency. Its physiological and psychological effects can range from slight anxiety, to overwhelming panic, to cardiac arrest. Recognizing fear and having the capacity to control it will increase the odds of surviving an emergency.
  Autogenic Breathing: Keeping Your Cool
The largest challenge when confronting FEAR is the ability to control physiological reactions and “keep your cool”. As we have discussed in The Fear Factor, if FEAR is a natural expression of the human being, can we gain control over it?  Is it possible to slow or stop its crippling effects?  Simply…YES!
  The Survivor's Mantra¬©
As crucial as physical preparedness may be, the aspect of mental preparation is paramount and should NOT be neglected. We created the Survivor’s Mantra© as a mental exercise to keep your subconscious mind in shape, and prepared for what may come….  
  #1 Killer in the outdoors: EXPOSURE!! (Cold Related)
In our English lexicon the term Exposure is a catch all phrase used in the description of cold or heat related illness, these includes hypothermia, hyperthermia and other environmental related conditions. The human body is a delicate organism, in order for our continued survival we must maintain a core temperature of around 98.6F, deviation in either direction can have devastating effects. 
  First-Aid Training
First-aid Training should be mandatory for the survivor. Your ability to survive takes a quantum leap forward by knowing even basic first aid and human physiology. While this might seem obvious, it escapes many experienced and not-so experienced outdoors-people and prepers.
  WATER: The Staff Of Life
A few Interesting facts about water….. 
  5 Essential First Aid Items
Walk into any pharmacy or grocer and you will find shelf upon shelf, filled with hundreds of “over-the-counter” medications, used to treat everything from hair loss to hemorrhoids. This can make creating first aid kits and stockpiling medications a maze of confusion.
  50+ Improvised Uses For The Common Bandana
The ability to improvise is crucial in any survival situation....



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