Where To Begin?
The 3 Pillars of The Survivor....


Daily we are bombarded with news of:

  •      Economic recession
  •      Out-of-control Government spending
  •      Ecological disaster
  •      Threats of war and terrorism
  •      Drought
  •      Hurricane
  •      Unemployment
  •      Over-dependence on the system
  •      Hyperinflation
  •      Crime

Any ONE of these events could be weakening, but experiencing them in multiples?? Overwhelming to say the least!

WHERE and HOW does one begin to lead a self-reliant life?? How do we prepare for what may lie ahead?? The following are your coordinates:


The 3 Pillars of The Survivor

First Pillar– you must have a determined WILL TO LIVE. Your attitude is THE #1 deciding factor of a positive result and WILL trump both one’s skill level and amount of available resources. Survival, no matter how difficult, must be seen as a worthwhile goal to your efforts and sacrifices. Those who overcome in crisis situations do so because they possess or discover an inner strength or reason to survive; Faith and hope, children or grandchildren, wife or husband.

Second Pillar– along with the will to live, one must have the SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE necessary to survive. Knowledge is the first step to overcoming fear and anxiety. While having the necessary gear and resources is a plus, the knowledge and skills to overcome and adapt can increase survival odds exponentially. The ability to think outside the box and improvise lessens one’s independence on fixed resources. In traumatic situations, most will revert to their base of knowledge or level of training. An inadequate foundation of training and knowledge could result in an unclear course of action, and decisions that could potentially lead to harmful or life threatening circumstances.

Third Pillar– you must have the RESOURCES needed to aid in your survival. Understanding survival priorities and the potential emergencies you are preparing for are essential to your ability to launch an effective offense. Being self-reliant is being pro-active!! First aid, fire, shelter, water, food….plan for your family’s comfort; plan for your skill level.

Our motto at BeFoundAlive.com is:

“Know More Carry Less”


ALL the emergency supplies in the world will be nothing more than a collection of useless junk - without knowledge of basic skills, the ability to improvise and adapt, and the WILL to live.

To continue your journey down the path of self-reliance, see our Survivors Manifesto for a more detailed roadmap to self-sufficiency and peace of mind.



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