Paleo-Logic Living: The Cure For Societies Dis-ease
My fascination with the Paleo lifestyle was sparked at an early age; I have always been drawn to that side of humanity and world history. I remember, every Saturday morning watching “Daniel Boone” or, ”Land of the Lost” on television. My imagination would run wild; I longed for those simpler days. Life seemed so black and white, so much clearer. My primal fixation continued into college, resulting in 4 years of archeology and many books and hours of research.
In our overindulgent world of plenty, going without food, whether intended or not is a reminder that life is tough and that many third world citizens do not have enough food to meet their daily needs. Even many of our nation’s health professionals consider the practice of fasting dangerous, often without knowing all the facts or recent research.
  Call of The Wild
What is it about the blank areas on a map that so fascinates men? Is it curiosity, is it fear, or perhaps something long embedded in our souls? A longing to explore, to wander into the unknown? I think perhaps it is all of these! Wilderness has played a huge role in shaping the human psyche, the human being and civilization itself.
Out into the wilds, were my soul and heart burn for the deserts wildness, and its energies I yearn. I wander under these great rock walls in solitude, alone dreaming of the ancients who called these canyons home. They built cliff-side homes, created earthen wares, farmed the land, even charted the stars. Yet, these once thriving people left few earthly scars.
  10 Reasons to KILL your Television
While on a recent survival trip, many, many hours were spent staring and tending our "Caveman TV", (FIRE). Which led me to ponder our modern campfire, which also sits at the center of most homes, consumes hours of our time & acts as a "gathering" place for our "tribe", the Television. The following are random thoughts on "America's Favorite Pastime".



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