Mission Statement


R3 Survival/BeFoundAlive.com is a Educational business dedicated to the research, practice and teaching of the Art of Self Reliance. 

Our Purpose:                                                                                               

  • to promote the practice and teaching of self reliance skills in both the urban and wilderness environment, disaster preparedness, primitive technology and urban homesteading;
  • to provide our customers with high quality, durable, field tested products which support the guiding principles of R3 Survival/BeFoundAlive.com;
  • to connect customers and students with resources allowing the exploration of specialized skills. This is accomplished through; custom courses, workshops and seminar, community outreach, media presentations and informational products.
  • To promote the concept of the "Whole Survivor", a conceptual framework which supplies our students with the resources and tools to mentally/physically/spiritually meet the needs of the survivor.
For the lawyers: R3 Survival/BeFoundAlive.com assumes no liability for mis-stated or misapplied information or technique. The information contained on our Website BeFoundAlive.com needs to be applied with caution. Abide by all game laws concerning licenses, bag limits, and threatened and protected species . 



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