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Natural and man-made disasters can strike at a moment’s notice, anytime, anywhere, so preparations must be made in advance. The following is both a list of kit item suggestions and additional tips for choosing those items. Determining quantities of each will be determined by your group size, time of year and available space and resources.

First Aid and Hygiene:
  • Quality First Aid manual i.e. “Where There Is No Doctor”
  • First Aid kit adequate at treating minor injuries and the prevention of infection. Should include: Pain relief and allergy tablets, antiseptic wipes, antibacterial ointment, generous supply of bandages etc. The size and complexity of the kit should meet the skill level and size of your family. Customize to address unique personal, environmental or community variables.
  • Waste disposal bags and toilet paper. Many commercial kits include organic “Stool digester” to speed decomposition of waste.
  • 5 gal. Bucket or portable toilet.
  • Anti-Bacterial hand wipes.
  • Can of Lysol.
  • Aluminum trash can w/ lid to dispose of waste bags. A tight fitting lid will prevent feral animals from getting into your waste.
  • Chlorine Bleach (Clorox), non-scented.
  • Cat litter.
  • Biodegradable soap, shampoo and quick-dry pack towels.
  • Personal medications and prescription eyeglasses.
  • Tooth brushes and toothpaste.
  • Feminine sanitary items.
  • Solar Shower.
  • Dust Masks.
  • Insect repellant.
  • Sunscreen. High SPF.
  • Bandana.
  • 1 Quart Ziploc bags.
  • Trowel.
 Warmth & Shelter:
  • Mylar “Space” Blankets are both perishable and ineffective as a personal shelter, don’t believe the hype!
  • Wool blankets, fleece and synthetic fill sleeping bags insulate even when wet. Down can be unreliable in wet or humid conditions. In cold environments avoid cotton lined sleeping bags, wet cotton can kill! Seasonally adequate clothing is your #1 defense against the elements. Plan and rotate for seasonal change. Clothing should be sturdy, warm and layer able. See VIP Layering Concept.
  • Include knit beanie, spare socks and leather gloves.
  • Sturdy, seasonally appropriate footwear.
  • Sewing and repair kit.
  • Carry at least 3 methods of fire starting.
  • Water-proof/wind-proof matches.
  • Sparking/Magnesium rod w/ scrapper.
  • Disposable lighter.
  • Emergency tinder (commercial or manmade).
  • Small fire extinguisher.
  • Sleeping bag w/bivy.
  • Closed cell foam sleeping pad.
  • Ground cloth.
  • Backpacking/base camp tent.
  • Nylon tarp w/grommets or tarp clips.
  • Plastic sheeting or 60 gallon can liners.
  • Emergency poncho or rain gear.
  • Emergency/survival bivy bag.
  • Candles or other open flame, light and heat sources are highly discouraged for indoor use due to potential fire hazards.
  • 36 hour candle.
  • Hobo stove or Pocket Cooker.
  • Emergency solid fuel or backpackers stove.
  • Sterno or Magic Heat.
  • Propane catalytic heater (made for indoor use).
  • Instant hand and body heat packs.
Water & Food:
  • Store at least 1 gallon per/person per/day, this covers drinking. Extra water should be stored for cooking and hygiene.
  • Water should be stored in a “Food Grade” portable container with built in spigot. A gallon of water weighs 8 pounds; a container with wheels may be required for the elderly or physically impaired.
  • Store multiple means of water filtration and purification.
  • Include instructions with water purification kit.
  • Potable Aqua or Chlorine Dioxide tablets. (Note: Potable Aqua is ineffective against some water borne pathogens).
  • Portable backpacking or base camp water filter or purifier.
  • Include foods familiar to your family. Stress can change eating habits, prepare small portions to conserve food.
  • Select low-preparation foods: canned goods, survival food tablets or freeze dried and dehydrated foods.
  • Energy drink packets, great for restoring electrolytes and masking ill-tasting water.
  • Granola/energy bars.
  • Jerky.
  • Canned goods.
  • Can opener.
  • Mess kit.
  • 1-2 Quart pot for boiling water or melting snow.
  • Plastic or metal utensils.
  • Canteens or water bottles (1 per group member).
Rescue & Communications:
  • Glass signal mirror; can be visible up to 100 miles away.
  • Orange “Pea-less” signal whistle. 1 per group member. Whistle blasts, in groups or three, is a universal distress call and holds up much longer than the human voice.
  • Rescue flares or smoke signals.
  • Hand crank/solar powered radios are essential. Most include attachments for charging cell phones.
  • 2 way ham radios, FRS walkie-talkies, or CB’s.
  • Pencil and paper to leave notes and keep records.
Lighting & Misc. Tools:
  • Self-generating water-proof flashlight.
  • Propane or hand crank lantern.
  • Long Burn candles.
  • LED headlamp. 1 per group member.
  • High Carbon, full tang sheath knife.
  • Quality multi-tool with locking blades.
  • Sharpening stone or ceramic sticks.
  • Hatchet.
  • Pocket Chainsaw.
  • Misc. tool; small pry bar, crescent wrench, screw drivers, claw hammer, pliers, heavy duty shears or wire cutters, folding or utility shovel.
  • Small selection of nails.
  • Roll of duct tape.
  • At least 100 ft. Rope or Para-cord.
  • Zip ties in multiple sizes.
  • Leather palm work gloves; will protect hands while moving debris, constructing shelter or cooking.
  • Generator; solar, gas, or diesel.
Morale & Entertainment:
  • Inspirational reading. Scripture.
  • Family pictures.
  • Journal.
  • Playing cards and games.
  • Small ball or Frisbee.
  • Cash money talks! Most likely credit cards and checks will be useless In the event of a disaster. Keep small bills and rolls of coins on hand.
  • Personal information; insurance policies, birth, death and marriage certificates, social security cards, wills, deeds, investment info, addresses and phone lists, jewelry and valuables. Place in water-proof map/document case.
  • Recent photos of family members; for both morale and identification purposes.



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