Wilderness Skills > Tips For Regulating Your Body Temperature In The Outdoors

If you find yourself overheating you can safely regulate your body temperature by:
Too Hot…
• Removing your hat
• Loosening clothing, pull up sleeves to expose forearms, opening pit-zips and unzipping your outer layer to allow in cool air.
• Removing articles of clothing.
• Reduce the intensity of your workout or pursuit.
• Stop and take a break.
• Drink cold water.
Too Cool…
• Add a hat.
• Close Jacket, “zip up” all pit-zips and pockets, closing all areas where air can easily circulate out of your clothing – usually at the neck, wrists, waist, and ankles.
• Add additional clothing to your insulative layer.
• Wear all three VIP layers for maximum protection against the elements.
• Drink hot liquids and eat high calorie foods



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