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A Lakota medicine man once stopped on the prairie to talk
to a stone. Addressing it reverently, he said: "Tunkashila" (grandfather), 
"Oh grandfather, tell me how the world began", and the stone spoke....

In today’s world, many wilderness survival books, instructors, and outdoor schools, are confusing primitive living skills with modern outdoor survival techniques.  For example, friction fire is a standard "survival" fire-starting technique taught at many of the nation’s top survival schools. This technique - while a valuable skill to own, simply requires too many "unknown" variables to be effective (e.g. humidity, availability of adequate materials, physical capability, daylight and weather), or relied upon. Potential emergency situations require foolproof solutions and reliable resources. A small survival kit containing a portable shelter, fire-starting tools, and the required skill-set can give you the survivor’s edge! 

If you are interested in learning the skills to give you an edge in an emergency, understanding real survival priorities, and effectively controlling panic and fear, our courses are for you. We will teach you simple, no-nonsense skills and techniques - that can save your life!!



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