Frequently Asked Questions

There are many survival schools out there, WHY choose

Simply put, Experience, Experience, Experience!!!  With 15 years experience instructing and a lifetime of learning, we practice what we preach AND use the products we promote.  We offer a well-rounded approach and understanding of self-reliance whether in the wild or urban environment. We have seen far too many "Preparedness" companies out there who have neither the experience or understanding to adequately educate their customers on the "ins & outs" of survival, often pandering to the fears of our nation to make a buck!  Our purpose as a company is to Educate YOU as both our Student and Customer.

What makes Nomad Emergency Kits different from others on the market?

What gave us the idea to create our own survival kits was simply a lack of high quality emergency kits on the market, which adequately addressed the “Rule of 3’s” survival priorities. There was simply too much attention being paid to food procurement and a lack of adequate shelter components. So we set out to create a line of kits, which anyone could use, beginner or expert, which enabled a outdoorsmen to adequately combat the #1 killer in the outdoors EXPOSURE.

What are the “Rule of 3’s” survival priorities?

The “Rule Of 3’s” is a set of guidelines, which prioritizes our personal needs in a survival situation. They are as follows, You can survive: 3 minutes without AIR, 3 hours without WARMTH or SHELTER, 3 days without WATER, 3 weeks without FOOD, 3 ? without HOPE. These rules are the guidelines we followed in the creation of our line of Nomad Emergency Kits.

Why don't your Wilderness kit’s have any food items?

According to the Rule of 3’s, food is not a priority in a survival situation. According to Search and Rescue statistics most survival situations in the lower 48 states, end within 72 hours or three days. Considering this, most Americans carry enough food storage around their wastes to last them easily three weeks without extra food. Therefore, in the design of our kits we decided to focus on real priorities: warmth and shelter. If you choose to carry food procurement items, these can easily be added to the Nomad Emergency Kits. 

Do you have a brick and mortar store I can visit?

As of yet, our products are only available online. The lion's share of our time is currently spent teaching. Future plans include a "Shop" to base both our store and school.

How can I contact

We can be contacted at:, 1475 S. Main #3, Bountiful, Utah 84010. Or by phone: (801) 529.5539.





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